About Us

Our story began in the summer of 1996 as two pen pals.  Paul was living in London and Dawn in Atlanta, Georgia.  Within less than three months, we knew that we were destined to be together and just like the film Sleepless in Seattle, met for the first time atop the Empire State Building in November of that year and married six months later.

We spent our first few years together in London before moving to Florida where we started a successful embroidery business providing embroidered apparel for the largest uniform company in the US and digitizing logos for customers in over 25 states. As sunny and as warm as the Florida Gulf Coast may be, we decided to return to the UK after suffering too many hurricanes for our liking. We sold the business to some close friends who are still running it over 10 years later.

Back in the UK, Dawn’s work as an environmental officer at a leading university opened our eyes to the impact the meat industry was having on the environment, farm animals and our health. We made the decision to go vegetarian in 2011 and then vegan two years later.

With a desire to work together again and a passion to move to Cornwall (especially Paul after 40+ years of holidays in Hayle), we decided to quit our jobs and move west.

The idea to start a vegan café/restaurant was a result of our passion for great vegan food and a lack of vegan places to eat. And not just any café/restaurant. Our aim is to provide great food to vegans and non-vegans alike, using locally grown food and local suppliers in order to support the Cornish economy.


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